I was born in 1942. As a teenager, I made a commitment to keep my body as healthy as possible. I participated in sports; I worked out, and, since 1966, when Jean and I were married, the two of us have been careful to eat the proper types of foods, zealously following the advice found in such books as those written by Adelle Davis.

During the years that we were raising our family of three children, we were living in Paraguay, South America, where most of our meals were prepared with fresh meats, vegetables and fruits. We had the blessing of being able to pick bananas, avocado, papaya, mango, and other delicious edibles from our yard.

Even so, in my thirties, I began to experience strong allergies to air-borne particles of numerous types. Along with the allergic reactions, I would contract severe colds that lasted for weeks. In my fifties, in spite of my doing regular exercises and jogging, I began to have stiffness in my knees after sitting or lying down for 30 minutes or more. Every morning for several minutes after getting out of bed, I had difficulty in walking. It was almost comical to see me clutching the furniture as I made my halting way to the bathroom. I was usually tired upon waking up in the mornings.

In 1999 , we discovered and began to use the Wellness technologies described on our web site. The allergic reactions have since disappeared; the stiffness in the knees and legs is no longer present; I almost never catch colds. In general, I am enjoying a high level of health and feel ready to face whatever challenges may come in the future. Jean and I take no prescribed medications, and we have confidence that we will enjoy a healthy life for many more years.

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