As Wellness Consultants, Jean and I are committed to helping others achieve a balance in their lives, both health-wise and financially.

We are looking for individuals or couples who:

1. Are interested in their own
personal fitness.
2. Are curious about
natural, safe, tested and effective ways for health and fitness.
3. Have a
positive attitude.
4. Show concern for the
welfare of others.
5. Agree to work either
full-time or part-time, at least 5 to 10 hours a week.
6. Are able to work on
commission basis, with added bonuses for special achievements.

Those who join us receive:

1. The
prestige and benefits of joining one of the largest companies in a multi-billion-dollar, worldwide industry.
2. The privilege of purchasing, at
wholesale, products that utilize the latest wellness technologies.
Training to share the information with others.
4. Opportunities for
personal growth and development.
5. Support as
members of an elite team.
Simplified office records. There is no need for employees, inventory, reports, or a time-clock.
7. Relief from reporting
sales tax. The company does it for you.
8. Freedom from a
boss. You function independently.
9. A
personal web-site with all the necessary aids for developing a serious and thriving business.
10. The opportunity to expand your business
Unlimited income potential. No glass ceiling.
12. The
satisfaction of having helped an unlimited number of people.

Nikken provides a business with a potential income that might astound you. This business allows you to represent the maker of the world's greatest wellness products without having to worry about employees, inventory, reports, time-clock, or a boss. You can work part-time or full-time. And, you will have the satisfaction of helping others to balance their lives, also.

One of our Newest Technologies

To read and hear about
one of the newest technologies that we have to offer, which has to do with bone health, go to this web address. There you can hear from medical doctors and others who are using the technology, as well as learn more about the science and scientist behind this unique technology.

To go to our other web site and see more about the Wellness Company and its products and technologies,
click here.
If you wish to talk with us, want more information, or want to meet some of our team members, please call 804-543-3246.