Jean and I served as Baptist missionaries in Paraguay, South America, for 20 years, from 1971 to 1991.

When we returned to remain in the U.S., Jean started The Talent Developing Studio, where currently children and adults are studying music and learning to play piano, flute, violin, guitar or to sing. We find that helping others to include music in their lives is a way to enhance their enjoyment of life. For the children, the disciplines involved in learning music have far-reaching benefits for their future.

Besides helping to teach violin at the TDS, I also develop and market a software for music studios, called A tempo, as well as a new software called Life Planner.

In between lessons, we have fun sharing the incredible products that make up our certified Wellness Home.

As we travel to music conventions and wellness seminars, we find opportunity to introduce others to a lifestyle that helps to create and support an active and prosperous future.

Jean and I live in historic Hanover, Virginia part of the year and in Williamsburg, Virginia the other part of the year. We are certifed Nikken International Wellness Consultants.

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