Some people are skeptical about alternative ways to maintain or recuperate health. You may be one of them. For you, then, whether a skeptic or one looking for answers to personal needs, we are collecting a list of studies that have been done to examine some of the technologies and products with which we are associated. These studies have been conducted under stringent controls.

1. A study, reported in the May, 2006 issue of Neurology Now, of the effects of static magnetic fields for diabetic patients suffering from foot neuropathy.

2. A study in the BioMedical Engineering Department at the University of Virginia, published in November, 2007, of the beneficial effects of static magnets on inflammation. The full text of the study can be found at:

The Effect of Lactoferrin on pathogens in the Intestines, a study referenced in ScienceDirect.

4. The efficacy of Cetyl Myristoleate in treating swelling and discomfort of the joints.

5. The use of
Osteodenx in treatment of osteoporosis.

These are just a few of many studies and articles. You can find more here.

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