Thank you for visiting our Internet site. We are Jean and Dennis McEntire. We want to tell our story about discovering a healthy life, and, at the same time, finding a great business. (If you want to get right to the business details, click here.)

I. We Were Becoming Sickly.

Jean and I have experienced the usual allergies, colds, stiffness and joint issues that perhaps you also have had. We thought those were simply “
signs of the unavoidable aging process that everybody has to endure.” In 1999, we discovered that those issues, and many others, can be alleviated or avoided altogether. We now know that one does not necessarily have to accept a rapidly deteriorating body. There are solutions! (To read more about our personal health turnaround, click here.)

II. We Accepted
Responsibility for Our Own Health.

We entrust the future to our loving Creator and Sustainer, and, at the same time, we accept the responsibility to manage the stewardship of our bodies and minds to the best of our abilities. (To see more about our personal convictions,
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III. We Discovered this
Secret: that the Body Is Designed To Stay Healthy.

There is no doubt that the body is fashioned in such a marvelous way as to possess its own defenses. This is, for many, a
secret yet to be discovered. The fact that we can enhance those natural defenses with wise action on our part is often lost in discussions on healthcare. Usually the major concern is on “how much must I pay to have health insurance, and will it cover all the prescribed drugs or surgery that I will need when I get sick.” But, how about avoiding getting sick?

IV. We Found that there Are
Ways to Help the Body’s Natural Defenses.

Our hope is that many individuals will decide to take charge of their own health and follow the steps that, when applied with regularity, will greatly strengthen their own natural defenses and those of their loved ones and set them free to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

V. We Became Convinced that
You Do Not Need to Depend on Harmful Drugs or Drastic Surgery.

Millions of people in multiple countries are using the technologies displayed on our other web site. They have been tested in medical studies and university labs and proven to be reliable and trustworthy. Although some may be new to you, you can be confident that they are all safe, non-invasive, and natural.

VI. We Embraced the Fact that
a Healthy Lifestyle Requires Decision.

If you share that desire to enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle--if you really want to avoid a broken-down body--please check out the rest of our web site. If you are looking for a way to supplement your monthly income, or if you are intrigued by the idea of a home business that can become international, that, too, is possible.

Have questions? Please e-mail us. We would love to help you find the answers.

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